6 Fab Reads for National Read A Book Day

September 06, 2016

There’s nothing like getting lost in a good book before you get your Beautyrest! September 6 is National Read A Book Day, and there’s no better way to celebrate than snuggling up to one of these amazing reads.

1. Dark Matter

If you love the mind-bending book series and TV show Wayward Pines, then you’ll love Dark Matter, a new release full of suspense by author Blake Crouch that doesn’t disappoint. In this thriller, Jason Dessen awakens to find himself waking up in a world where his life is not the one he knows, and he starts unfolding the mystery of his circumstances.

2. The Woman in Cabin 10

You’ll take plenty twists and turns in The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware, a suspenseful novel set at sea. Lo Blacklock, a travel magazine journalist, was given the assignment of a lifetime to spend a week on a luxury cruise. After she witnesses a nightmarish scene, Lo tries to convey something has gone horribly wrong.

3. Belgravia

Downton Abbey fans will be overjoyed with the latest installment by Julian Fellowes. Belgravia, a drama-filled tale set in swank 1840s London, tells a story of the old upper class as they rub shoulders with the newly wealthy industrialists. Romance, scandal and secrets ensue.

4. 11/22/63

11/22/63 is proof that Stephen King doesn’t only write horror stories. You won’t be able to put down this compelling science fiction time-traveling novel. Life takes a turn for high school English teacher Jake Epping as he gets tangled with his friend’s mission to prevent the Kennedy assassination.

5. The White Queen

This spellbound historical fiction novel is a great pick, especially for Game of Thrones fans. Best-selling The White Queen by Philippa Gregory, also an adapted TV series, explores the life of Elizabeth Woodville who secretly marries the newly crowned Edward IV.

6. A Man Called Ove

Looking for a feel-good story? In the spirit of Up, A Man Called Ove will make you fall in love with a grumpy but charming man whose life changes when an unruly young family moves in next door.