6 Ways the SmartMotion Base Can Help You Sleep Better

May 23, 2016

You’ve heard the statistics before: one third of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep. But what can you do about it? Beautyrest is proud to deliver the SmartMotion Base powered by Sleeptracker®. Check out six ways it will help improve your sleep.

1. Massage Your Day Away

However your day went, there’s a massage level to match it. Select models feature a six-level massage system for your head and feet. Ahhhh.

2. Reduce Snoring

About to kick your partner out of the bed for snoring? Press the Snore Relief button on your partner's remote to raise their head for a more peaceful sleeping position.

3. Track Your Sleep Patterns

Each model has integrated sensors that capture precise readings of your sleep throughout the night. That information is then summarized and communicated in our Sleeptracker® App.

4. Receive Personalized Tips

As the app gets to know you and your sleep habits, the Sleeptracker® coach delivers personalized tips designed to help you sleep better.

5. Wake Up At The Right Time

Based on pre-selected earliest and latest wake times, our alarm system detects when you’re in light phase of sleep, and wakes you up so you feel rested and refreshed. That's waking up on the "right side" of the bed!

6. See What's Trending

Advanced sleep analysis gives you daily, weekly and monthly stats—so you can recognize long-term trends and make positive changes to improve the quality of your sleep.