6 Sleep Resolutions Beautyrest Fans Are Making

January 25, 2017

New year, new you! With the new year in full gear, it’s a fantastic time to focus on sleep resolutions that can help you wake up better every morning.

We’re not the only ones with sleep on our minds. We started the new year with a fun New Year of New Sleep Contest where we asked Beautyrest fans how they’re resolving to get better sleep. Here are a few of their fave resolutions!

1. Stick To A Routine

Creating a schedule and sticking to it was one popular goal everyone wanted to conquer this year. Setting a consistent bedtime and wake time is one way resolution-makers plan on achieving their goals.

2. Turn Devices Off Before Bedtime

Turning off all blue screens—TVs, tablets, cellphones—also topped the list. Less screen time equals more sleep time.

3. Drink Less Coffee

Cutting back on caffeine, especially coffee, is another great way to avoid disrupting sleep. Its effects can last 14 hours.

4. Get Healthy

Another favored goal for 2017 includes getting healthier. Whether it means exercising more or eating healthy food, fans share that they’re willing to exercise regularly to sleep better at night.

5. Wind Down Before Sleeping

Instead of jumping in bed, several fans want to incorporate relaxing as part of their bedtime routine. Some strive to curl up in bed with a good book while others aim to take a soothing bath before getting in bed.

6. Stay hydrated

In addition to making more health-conscious choices, new year goal getters also intend to drink more water and stay hydrated throughout the day.
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