Binge Watching In Bed: September Edition

September 22, 2016

Fall is finally here! The weather may be sizzling down, but your streaming queue will be heating up! Now is the perfect season for warm drinks and cuddling up in a comfy Beautyrest with new shows and a few good oldies. If you haven’t found the perfect mattress yet, take this quiz on the Beautyrest Mattress Selector to find the best mattress that’s customized to your needs. Then, settle in and start binging!

Narcos Season 2 (Netflix)

How did they bring Pablo Escobar down? Although you may already know the outcome, Season 2 of Narcos chronicles all the drama behind the drug lord’s fall.

Bridget Jones’s Diary (Hulu Plus)

Before watching the long-awaited Bridget Jones’s Baby now playing in theaters, live through the hilarious moments in Bridget Jones’s Diary AND Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason both on Hulu Plus.

Portlandia Season 6 (Netflix)

Put a bird on it and rock some fly flannel! Join Toni, Candace, Lance, Nina and the rest of the gang (along with appearances from The Flaming Lips and Louis C.K.) in Season 6 of Portlandia.

Jaws (Netflix)

Dunn dunn….Dunn dunn…We’re gonna need a bigger boat! You can relive summer one last time by watching the Steven Spielberg classic.

Footloose (Netflix)

Missing a dose of the 80’s in your life now that you’ve binged watched the entire season of Stranger Things? Kick off the Sunday shoes and get to dancing with the original Footloose.