Do You Really Need A Top Sheet?

January 31, 2017

To top sheet or not to top sheet? That is the question. This appears to be a very controversial topic as others either love having a top sheet or absolutely oppose it.
Don’t know how you feel about it? We weigh the pros and cons of each.

Team Top Sheet

According to Huffington Post, experts are just as split on the topic. Designer Nancy Koltes belives a flat sheet provides a decorative ‘finish’ to a bed and a more breathable option if the comforter is too warm.
In a GQ article by John Ortved, John presented his own polite argument for having a top sheet. He believes it’s absolutely needed for cleanliness and structured bliss.

Team No Top Sheet

While some are strongly pro-top sheet, others like Maggie Lange of GQ think you just need to throw it away. She argues it’s designed with two flaws: they are too long and patterns are only on one side. In addition, she claims it easily gets tangled up.
BuzzFeed writer, Rachel Sanders, agrees that the tucked-in top sheet has to go. She states they restrict your right to be as cozy as possible in bed, and without a top sheet your feet and legs can roam freely.

Where Do You Stand?

Regardless of preference, everyone can always agree that getting your beautyrest in a comfortable bed is important. Plus, it’s easy to find the ideal mattress with our Mattress Selector.

So, where do you stand? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter if you’re team top sheet or team no top sheet.