How To Cope With Daylight Saving Time

March 10, 2017

It’s already that time—time to spring forward one hour this Sunday! Daylight Saving Time can affect your health in positive and negative ways. However, there are plenty of tips to survive the time change. Take note of these ways to cope via The Better Sleep Council.

Take A Nap

Feeling sleepy? Take a short nap in the afternoon, but no more than 20 minutes long!


Make a Bedtime Routine

Now’s a great time to commit to a consistent bedtime and wake schedule. Prior to bedtime, create your own ritual to relax. Set aside devices and read a book, take a bath, or listen to soothing music to help you wind down.

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No Caffeine and Alcohol Before Bed

According to The Better Sleep Council, alcohol and caffeine found in coffee, tea, soft drinks and chocolate can interfere with your sleep habits.


Make Gradual Adjustments

Days before “springing forward,” try going to bed 15 minutes early. Gradually transitioning can help minimize the impact of switching to a new schedule.

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