Infographic: What’s Your Sleep Preference?

December 13, 2016

What do others think about sleep? How do others prefer to sleep? Since launching a partnership with to create S Is For Sleep, we’re celebrating all things sleep! The partnership kicked off with #BeautyrestSleepWeek, and we asked participants questions via Twitter surveys to discover people’s top sleep preferences.

From innovations in sleep to bed size, keep scrolling to see the results!

Which Side Of The Bed Do You Prefer?

Are you a left side or right side sleeper? Of those who participated in our survey, 54% prefer the right side of the bed versus the left.


What Innovation Excites You Most About The Future of Sleep?

What about innovations in sleep? We asked, and you answered. The most exciting innovation about the future of sleep is “Even smarter beds” (53%) followed by “Naps are back!” (30%).


What’s Your Ideal Bed Size?

King, queen, double or twin? 48% of participants like to stretch out on their king-size bed. 


Where do you stack up? Tell us your preferences on Facebook or Twitter.