A Look Back: Our Year With Tom Brady

August 11, 2017

Last spring, we welcomed record-breaking superstar quarterback Tom Brady to the Beautyrest team as the spokesman for our Beautyrest Black® line of mattresses. The past year-and-a-half has been quite a ride, with #12 adding another championship to his collection while proving that the right equipment is essential for high-performance sleep – and teaching us some new ways to enjoy your Beautyrest mattress along the way.

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Tom’s Beautyrest Black clearly got him ready for the season by allowing him to put in a great sleep performance for a victorious season on the football field – but it may have had a hand in his strength and collision training along the way.
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And Tom wasn’t the only one in the Brady household to enjoy such a luxurious night of sleep…
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Nearly one year after our partnership kicked off, Tom would lead his team to win his record-breaking fifth championship as a quarterback. While we weren’t at the big game, we were honored to have a front seat at the victory celebration.
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Now as the summer ends and the season is about to pick back up, we’re looking forward to Tom getting many nights of high-performance sleep to prepare him for another successful season. Good luck this year, #12!