These Owners Built the Ultimate Megabed Fit for Their 8 Dogs

October 06, 2016

Do your pets sleep in the bed with you? How would you feel sharing the bed with eight dogs?

Chris and Mariesa Hughes, founders of The Mr. Mo Project, a nonprofit to save senior shelter dogs nationwide, have eight rescue dogs of their own. As their bed started to get crowded, the couple decided to custom build a bed to fit the entire family comfortably. The brilliant idea of the “megabed” was born!

Designed and built by Michael’s Custom Interiors, the enormous custom bed took a whopping six months to complete. Measuring at 14 feet long and 7 feet wide, it holds a king-sized mattress and a full-sized mattress rotated sideways on the end.

The Mr. Mo Project

Paw print designs carved into the headboard, drawers underneath for extra storage and stairs at the end of the bed for their older dogs were perfect touches. This well-designed bed gives these loving pups enough room to sleep, plus the couple even reports feeling refreshed for a change!