The Future of Sleep is Here

Introducing ComforPedic iQTM: the breakthrough mattress that revolutionizes the way you sleep.

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Innovations that
Take sleep to the next level.

Fall Asleep Faster

Twice as fast—so you’ll wake up feeling as refreshed as ever.*

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Experience Increased
REM Sleep

During every 90-minute sleep cycle, you experience the REM stage of sleep—it's vital to your mental health and also where you dream the most vividly. Comforpedic iQ allows for greater percentages of REM sleep.*

REM graph Increased REM sleep
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Spend Less Time Lying Awake

With a more restful sleep, you'll gain extra minutes in the morning and won’t feel the need to hit the snooze button.*

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Smart ResponseTM Technology

Only found in ComforPedic iQ, the revolutionary, patented Smart Response Technology features 16* internal chambers that naturally and continuously adapt to your body’s every position—all without motors, electronics, or searching for the "right number."
*Only in queen size and up

Relieves Pressure
On Your Body

Calibrates to your body’s position for the right support. So, you’ll benefit from personalized support and pressure relief based on your body type.

ComforPedic iQ Body calibration mattress

Adjusts to find the right pressure relief.

Promotes temperature management.

Internal chambers adapt to your body's position.

Clinically tested Smart Response Technology

Meet the Expert on Health & Wellness,

Dr. Andrew Weil

A best-selling author, pioneer of integrative medicine, and world-renowned expert on holistic health. He’s never endorsed a mattress. Until now.

Founder of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.

One of TIME Magazine’s Top 25 Visionaries.

See why comforpedic iQ is the
only mattress endorsed by Dr. Andrew Weil

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