How do I make a warranty claim? Items 

It is important to know that ONLY has the ability to handle returns and warranties for orders. 

Your mattress warranty is likely covered by the retailer directly. Most retail partners will handle their own warranties. If your retailer has closed, or you've moved out of their service area, reach out to us directly at either 877-298-4955 or via email at We will need verification in order to determine if we can provide further assistance. 

Any non-mattress items may be covered by the manufacturer directly. The process will differ depending on the product type. Please reference the chart below for contact information. Items 

Our mattresses are crafted to live a long life helping you wake up better, which is why we offer limited warranties on our products. The limited warranty covers manufacturing defects such as sagging/depressions, flaws in the foam causing it to split or crack, as well as cover defects, such as unraveled stitching. Please note: Sagging/depression requirements will vary based on the type of mattress. Using the law label attached to your mattress, reference the Warranty Code Key below to see the normal body impression allowance. If you're experiencing sagging greater than the allowance listed for your product, or any other issue, you may be experiencing a defect! Out of respect for your time, before submitting a claim we recommend checking two things before submitting a sagging/depression claim.

  1. Check your foundation. If you're having a mattress issue, we've found that unevenness or sagging can occur when the frame or foundation you're using isn't supporting the mattress properly.

  2. Rotate your mattress. It's completely normal for the mattress to break in and soften with use over time. We recommend rotating the mattress at least every 6 months to ensure the mattress breaks in appropriately on both sides of the bed. Softening of the mattress from regular use over time is not covered by the warranty.

Okay, checked those things. Now what? 
To request a warranty claim, please fill out the Mattress Warranty Form. It should take about 10 minutes and will walk you through the process step-by-step including some requirements, and gathering some order information and photos of the issue.

Use this form to submit a mattress warranty claim for Beautyrest, Serta, and Simmons.

Start Mattress Claim


For other accessories & furniture issues. 

Email us at with a quick description of what you're experiencing along with pictures and your current address, and we'll get back to you once we review your message. We need to see photos or videos of the issue to help us diagnose how to best help. For instance, if your furniture is squeaking, a video might be better than a photo. Additionally, we'll need a photo of the product tag (if present on the product). Typically, this is enough for us to help, but if we have any further questions, we will reach back out to you! 


Non-Mattress Items 

There are many products Beautyrest licenses and are manufactured by a partner. This allows Beautyrest to more greatly distribute quality products that our sleepers love. 

If you purchased your mattress through a retailer, reach out to them for further warranty assistance. If you purchased a non-mattress, reach out to one of the below manufacturers for further assistance


Heated Products
JLA Home
Phone Number: US 866-456-8852 Can 905-607-3939289-851-1277 Ext. 232

Adjustable Bases
Phone Number: US 1-888-550-3746

Down/Feather Pillows
Blue Ridge Home
Phone Number: US/Can 1-800-971-2677 and 626-960-6069 Ext: 101

Memory Foam Pillows
Future Foam
Phone Number: US 800-733-8061

Need to file a warranty claim?

Initiate a Claim

Warranty & Care Instructions

Products made BEFORE March 1, 2015

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Products made AFTER March 1, 2015

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Need help locating your warranty information?

Warranty label


Warranty label

Warranty Code Key

Warranty Code
on Law Label
Total Limited
Period for No Charge
Except Transportation*
Normal Body
A 10 Year 10 Year 1.5" or less
B 1 Year 1 Year 1.5" or less
C Specific warranty applies, see separate agreement
E 20 Year 10 Year .75" or less
G 2 Year 2 Year removeable fabric cover
H 5 Year 5 Year 1.5" or less
I 20 Year 10 Year 1.5" or less
J 3 Year 3 Year 1.5" or less
K 10 Year 3 Year 1.5" or less
L 25 Year 10 Year .75" or less
M 15 Year 10 Year 1.5" or less
N 25 Year 15 Year 1.5" or less
O 25 Year 15 Year .75" or less
P 10 Year 10 Year .75" or less

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