Twin Mattresses

Promising unbeatable comfort in any space, our Twin-size mattresses are our the smallest size and proof that great things come in small packages.

Reasons to Choose a Twin Bed

Do you have a toddler out growing their toddler bed? Do you have more than one kiddo sharing one room? Do you have very limited space to put a bed? Are you off to college? If you answered yes to any of these questions you might want to consider a twin.

A twin bed, widely popular in size alongside the Queen, is perfect for use on daybeds, bunk beds, and in small bedrooms, fitting solo sleepers, seated loungers, and resting kids. At 75 inches long and 38 inches wide, these dimensions fit comfortably within most spaces. Beautyrest provides an extensive selection of twin-sized mattresses, including hybrid and innerspring options, so whether you shop online or decide to buy in-person there is a Beautyrest twin size mattress for you.

Still not sure a twin is right for you? Maybe some of these frequently asked questions below can help you decide.

What is the size of a twin mattress?

A twin mattress measures approximately 38" wide by 75" long, which is roughly 2,850 square inches or 19.8 square feet of space.

Difference between twin XL and twin?

A twin bed is the same width as a twin XL but approximately 5 inches shorter in length.

Is a twin suitable for adults?

While a twin bed may appear too small for an adult's comfort, it can be suitable if space is a constraint. However, we recommend opting for a twin XL for adult use.

Transition from crib or toddler Bed, what is next?

For children who have outgrown their crib or toddler bed, a twin bed is an ideal next step, especially for smaller-sized rooms.

Buying online or in-store, which is better?

Choosing between online and in-store purchase depends on personal preference. If you prefer the convenience of buying from home with benefits like a 100-day in-home trial and free shipping, online shopping is recommended. However, if you prefer trying out the bed and discussing it with a salesperson in real-time, visiting a mattress store near you might be your preferred option.

Are single beds the same things as twin beds?

Yes, twin beds and single beds are different terms that refer to the exact same mattress size.

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