Full Mattresses

Larger than a Twin yet smaller than a Queen, our Full-size mattresses promise our signature luxury feel at the perfect in-between width.

Beautyrest Black<sup>®</sup>
Beautyrest Black®

$1,549.00 $1,849.00

Beautyrest Black<sup>™</sup>  Hybrid
Beautyrest Black Hybrid

$1,749.00 $2,049.00

Beautyrest<sup>®</sup> Harmony Lux
Beautyrest® Harmony Lux

$1,099.00 $1,299.00

Beautyrest<sup>®</sup>Harmony Lux Hybrid
Beautyrest®Harmony Lux Hybrid

$1,399.00 $1,599.00

Reasons to go with a Full Size Bed

Whether you have growing kids, are furnishing a guest room, or are sharing a bed with a partner in a compact space, a full size mattress is a practical choice.

Full size mattresses, also known as double beds, really are ideal for larger dorm rooms, first apartments, single sleepers who desire more sleeping space than a twin bed provides, couples who really enjoy cuddling, growing kids/young adults, and even guest rooms.

Beautyrest offers a wide range of full sized mattresses to choose from, including hybrid and innerspring options, so whether your preference is to shop online or to actually buy in-person after laying on the bed, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect full mattress.

Full size FAQs:

What is the size of a full size mattress? How wide? How long?

Full size dimensions are approximately 75 inches long by approximately 53 inches wide, which equals 3,975 square inches and 27.6 square feet.

Twin vs Full sizes. What is bigger?

Full size is approximately 15 inches wider and the same length as a twin.

When should I switch from a twin size to a full size?

Once your littles get to their teenage years and want more room to spread out while sleeping, you might want to consider switching from a Twin to a Full.

Full vs Queen sizes. What is the difference?

The queen size is approximately 7 inches wider and 5 inches longer than the full size.

Is a full size bed the same as a double bed?

Yes. Full and double are two different names for the exact same size.

Can two adults really sleep on a full size?

Yes, especially for adults who don’t mind cuddling all through the night.

A man and woman smiling while laying on their backs on a Beautyrest mattress.

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