Sleep optimized

Your bed is your sanctuary. And with a SmartMotion Base, it can also become your personal masseuse and sleep guardian. Each SmartMotion® Base is equipped to personalize your sleep experience. Whether it’s a simple adjustment in elevation, a shift in your partner’s position to ease their snoring, or a comforting massage, the SmartMotion® Base lets you optimize your sleep with a touch of a button.

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Basics of the Base

SmartMotion Bases are designed to improve on your overall sleep quality. It starts with adjusting the bed profile to your most comfortable position for reading, watching television, or even sleeping. With three models available, we have the right base for you. Here are some of the features you can choose from:

Massage your day away

However your day went, there’s a massage level to match it. Select models feature a six-level massage system for your head and feet.

Snoring keeping you up at night?

About to kick your partner out of the bed for snoring? With a split king setup, press the Snore Relief button on your partner's remote to raise their head for a more peaceful sleeping position.

Your sleep, YOUR WAY

Adjust your bed to the perfect position for you. Try the Zero G® Preset Position to raise your legs above your heart—or return to a custom preset memory position, available in select models.

SmartMotion Base

Compare SmartMotion Bases

Key features include adjustable head and foot angles, Zero G® Preset Position for raising the legs above the heart, a wireless remote, and more. Weight limit: 650 pounds.

Key features include everything found in the 1.0 Base plus a six-level massage system, SnoreRelief™, and two preset memory positions. Weight limit: 850 pounds.

Key features include everything found in the 2.0 Base such as massage capability and SnoreRelief™, plus three preset memory positions, four USB charging outlets, and Next to Nightstand feature. Weight limit: 850 pounds.