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smartmotion base  +  Sleeptracker app

What happens when our SmartMotion base pairs up with the Sleeptracker® app? Astonishingly optimized sleep. With a SmartMotion™ base you can enjoy all the lifestyle benefits of an adjustable bed, plus the added functionality of Sleeptracker® Technology. This highly accurate multistage sleep monitoring system captures precise readings of awake time, light, deep and REM sleep throughout the night, uncovering the full depth of your sleep patterns and ways to improve them.

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Basics of the Base

SmartMotion Bases are designed to improve on your overall sleep quality. It starts with adjusting the bed profile to your most comfortable position for reading, watching television, or even sleeping. With three models available, we have the right base for you. Here are some of the features you can choose from:

Massage your day away

However your day went, there’s a massage level to match it. Select models feature a six-level massage system for your head and feet. Ahhhh.

Snoring keeping you up at night?

About to kick your partner out of the bed for snoring? Press the Snore Relief™ button on your partner's remote to raise their head for a more peaceful sleeping position.

Your sleep, optimized

Each model has integrated sensors that capture precise readings of your sleep throughout the night. That information is then summarized and communicated in our Sleeptracker® App.

The App Makes it Awesome

Working seamlessly with our SmartMotion™ base, the Sleeptracker® smartphone app uses the latest technology to monitor your sleep cycles, deliver personalized feedback and more. Plus, you can use the app to control your SmartMotion™ base. Optimized sleep is now truly at your fingertips.

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Monitors both sides of the bed

Biosensors monitor your heart rate, breathing and motion—all in real time. Do you share a bed? No problem. The app can monitor two sleepers independently—so your data and feedback are specific to you.

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Good morning, Coach

As the app gets to know you and your sleep habits, the Sleeptracker® coach delivers personalized tips designed to help you sleep better.

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Wakes you at the right time

Based on pre-selected earliest and latest wake times, our alarm system detects when you’re in light phase of sleep, and wakes you up so you feel rested and refreshed. That's waking up on the "right side" of the bed!

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See what’s trending

Advanced sleep analysis gives you daily, weekly and monthly stats—so you can recognize long-term trends and make positive changes to improve the quality of your sleep.

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Download the Beautyrest Sleeptracker App

Sleeptracker® Subscription Levels: Essentials & Premium*

Sleeptracker® Essentials

  • Free 2 year trial with purchase of a SmartMotion™ Base, including a 90-day trial of our Premium features.
  • Review your personal sleep data.
  • Six-month cloud-based sleep data storage.
  • $4.99/year per user following two year free trial.

Sleeptracker® Premium

  • Free 90 day trial with the purchase of any SmartMotion™ Base.
  • Advanced sleep analysis information.
  • Comprehensive and unlimited historical sleep data storage.
  • Behavioral modification coaching.
  • $29.99/year per user following the 90-day free trial.

*Sleeptracker® Essentials or Premium is required to access and use the sleep tracking features of the SmartMotion™ Base. In addition, sleep tracking features can only be viewed using a device running Android 4.4 or later or iOS8 or later. Desktop and laptop computer access is not available with the initial release.

Compare SmartMotion Bases

Key features include adjustable head and foot angles, the Sleeptracker® app, Zero G® Preset Position for raising the legs above the heart, wireless remote and more. Weight Limit: 650 pounds.

Key features include everything that the 1.0 Base offers including the Sleeptracker® app, along with a six-level massage system, SnoreRelief™, and two preset memory positions. Weight Limit: 850 pounds.

Key features include everything that the 2.0 Base offers, such as the Sleeptracker® app, massage capability, and SnoreRelief™, along with three preset memory positions, four USB charging outlets, and Next to Nightstand. Weight Limit: 850 pounds.