How PCMs Work To Make An Amazing Cooling Mattress

How PCMs Work To Make An Amazing Cooling Mattress

March 30, 2017

Author: Beautyrest Team

Did you know space-age technology is used to advance the cause of cool, comfortable sleep in Beautyrest mattresses? Wonder how it works? Keep reading to learn more about these cool technologies.

What are PCMs?

How can some of the coolest foams be even cooler? Beautyrest's ICE technology is a mix of Micro Diamond Memory Foam and "phase change materials" or PCMs. PCMs are used to manage temperature in everything from home insulation to high-end ski jackets. Now they've been infused in mattresses to combat the common complaint of people"sleeping hot.

PCMs found in the Beautyrest BlackICE and PlatinumICE memory foam manage heat particularly well. At a designated low temperature, PCMs emit the heat stored from your body to warm you up at night. PCMs work in the reverse as well, since they help keep the warmer sleepers cool

A Cooler Night's Sleep

Beautyrest has taken this cutting-edge technology and put it into the core of its gel, which is then applied to Micro Diamond Memory Foam. This gel helps absorb the heat of a sleeper, and then the Micro Diamond Memory Foam (which sits underneath the gel) helps to conduct the heat away from the PCMs, allowing the PCMs to continue cooling the sleeper. The PCMs and memory foam work in tandem to provide a dynamic response to the problem of temperature management in beds.
This combination of advanced technologies provides one amazingly cool and comfortable night's sleep.

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