3 Ways Low Quality Sleep Performance Is Affecting You

3 Ways Low Quality Sleep Performance Is Affecting You

August 21, 2017

Author: Beautyrest Team

When it comes to sleep, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is among the most important and restorative of the five sleep stages. During the REM stage, the parts of the brain responsible for learning are stimulated, and studies have found a direct correlation between REM sleep and learning retention.

Like world-class athletes who use science and technology to get the most out of their training, gauging your sleep performance, including REM sleep, is an important aspect of leading a healthy life. In fact, sleep performance affects everything from the way you look and feel today to your health down the road.

What Is Sleep Performance?

In the world of competition, athletes train their bodies and their minds for better, stronger performance. Your sleep performance has a similar impact on your body and mind. For example, small tweaks in posture can help you master a yoga pose, accelerate your running speed and increase your weight-lifting abilities. Similarly, the Beautyrest Black Advanced Support System features patented triple-stranded Pocketed Coil Technology that delivers pressure relief and individualized back support to promote proper sleeping posture.

Athletes must customize their training to their bodies. In a similar manner, the Beautyrest Black Hybrid design featuring advanced memory foam and Advanced Pocketed Coil Technology conforms and supports each person individually. By taking advantage of cutting-edge innovations and technology for sleep, you can change your sleep experience and improve your sleep performance each night. As with an athlete going for the gold, this improved performance has demonstrable benefits.

How Can Lack of Sleep Impact You?

When your sleep performance is poor, it doesn't take long to experience the negative side effects, both physically and emotionally. On the other hand, experiencing quality sleep on a consistent basis changes how you look and feel in positive ways.

  • Physical Appearance: "Sleep is probably more effective than any beauty treatment you can buy," according to Swedish researcher John Axelsson's study published in the British Medical Journal. When studying sleep-deprived adults in comparison to well-rested adults, his team discovered that physical attractiveness, including skin color and condition, was dramatically improved by just one good night of sleep.
  • Mood: Sleep also impacts how you act. A University of Pennsylvania study found that limiting people to 4.5 hours of sleep a night for just one week created significantly higher stress levels, anger and mental exhaustion that led to moodiness and irritability. Higher levels of anxiety and depression are also linked to lack of quality sleep.
  • Health and Immune System: Beyond making you look and feel good, sleep is important for your health. Short-term sleep loss or poor-quality sleep lowers immunity and makes it easier to catch a range of "bugs," including a cold or the flu. On the flip side, ongoing quality sleep actually impacts metabolism in a positive way, helping you achieve a slimmer waistline. Conditions such as diabetes and heart disease are also linked to a lack of quality sleep.

How to Improve Your Sleep Performance

Like a time trial or scrimmage game, you can only improve sleep performance if you measure it. Not only is Beautyrest Black designed with luxury and improved sleep performance in mind, it's possible to take your performance to the next level by adding the Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor to your mattress. The monitor and app provide important data by measuring sleep time, REM sleep, respiration and heart rate and generating a sleep score.

The technology in the construction of the Beautyrest Black including SurfaceCool Plus Fiber to dissipate heat away from the body and Pocketed Coil Technology to provide pressure relief and reduce movement disturbances, combines with the technology in the Beautyrest Sleeptracker to help you create an ideal sleep environment. Issues such as temperature and uncomfortable pressure points may no longer disturb your sleep, allowing you to enjoy sleep that helps you achieve your peak performance every morning.

Ready to improve your sleep performance? Start with the innovative technology embedded in every coil of Beautyrest Black the leading option for achieving restorative and regenerative REM sleep.


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