10 Products to Upgrade Your Bedroom Mood Lighting

10 Products to Upgrade Your Bedroom Mood Lighting

March 01, 2022

Author: Beautyrest Team

Is your bedroom your sanctuary from the world? Having a calming and inviting space is one of the best ways to relax and unwind after a long day. How do you create such a space? A big factor is bedroom mood lighting. Mood lighting is using light to create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. Lighting determines the visibility of a room, yes, but it affects the general feeling of a room, too. Using warmer colors and lighting evokes certain emotions, such as peace and coziness. Less light can also dampen our emotions a bit, which can be a great way to let go of stress from the day. Cooler and brighter lighting is usually stimulating"which is great for staying alert, focused, productive. But mood lighting gets at the core of rest and relaxation. A romantic evening at the dinner table might benefit from warm, lower lighting to create a feeling of intimacy and privacy. A reading nook might have a practical spot of light to see but is otherwise softly lit for a solitary and peaceful environment. Sometimes, a nice accent color brings the whole personality of the room together. A bedroom needs to be a home to rest, relief, and peace, especially to support better sleep. Here are 10 mood lighting products to consider adding to your bedroom for the ultimate sleeping sanctuary.

10 Bedroom Mood Lighting Products

  1. Strip Lights
  2. LED strip lights are a particularly popular lighting decor and for good reason. First of all, you can get creative with where you place them. Many people like to place strip lights along their walls and ceiling, but you can also use them on shelving/bookshelves, nightstands, frames, and anything else you"™d like to light up. Most are adjustable so that you can dim or brighten your room as preferred, or you can get multi-colored strips that you can change depending on your mood.
  3. Cove Lights
  4. Want some room lighting that's a little more discreet? Similar to strip lights, cove lights are a more modern option that offers an effortless and natural ambiance. These lights are designed to seamlessly blend into your room, so instead of acting as a bright centerpiece, these will subtly elevate your bedroom.
  5. Bamboo Lamp
  6. Lamps are a great way to add warmth to your bedroom, and a bamboo lamp has both character and style without overwhelming a room. Emitting a soft light, this type of lamp is gentle on the eyes and keeps the room comfortingly dim. You can find tall, sleek floor lamps, or you can go for a smaller table bamboo lamp.
  7. Salt Lamp
  8. Salt lamps are celebrated for their calming qualities, and the gentle glow from one creates an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Perfect for a nightstand or a dresser, salt lamps have also been known to help with sleep and clear the air. The best ones come with a dimmer function, so you can switch between brighter modes for reading and lower modes for more relaxation.
  9. Bed Sconce
  10. Try a dimmable sconce to add more rustic coziness near your bed. Simple but classic, these sconces can frame a sitting area or bed in your bedroom for easy mood lighting and a personal touch. This type of lighting takes some minor installation but elevates the room it's in.
  11. LED Moon Lamp
  12. Do you want something fun without going too big? An LED moon lamp will blend with other items in your room, but it also adds a little whimsy and conversation. Coming in different sizes and colors, you can be more playful with this lamp or simply lean into the natural mood lighting.
  13. Behind-the-Headboard
  14. Install behind-the-headboard lighting for the best glow around your bed. Not only does it look great, but it also makes your bed all the more inviting at bedtime. Look forward to the warmth of your bed each night with minimalist-friendly lighting.
  15. Northern Lights Projection Lights
  16. If you want to have something unique and techy, an northern lights projector is an alluring option. The colors and shapes of the northern lights will brighten your bedroom. If you don't love the northern lights, you can also find projectors that display other colors and images.
  17. Adjustable Light Switch
  18. If you aren't interested in adding extra pieces to your bedroom, consider simply installing adjustable light switches, which puts you in total control of your bedroom atmosphere. Practical but comforting, your entire bedroom will look exactly like you want it depending on your mood.
  19. Mood Lamp
  20. Finally, you can go with a classic mood lamp: dimmable, voice-activated, and designed for ambiance. This lamp is made to provide soothing light and a variety of other mood-friendly settings.


Your bedroom is your personal space, so embrace the mood lighting that makes you feel most comfortable. And if you need a more comfortable solution to sleep on, check out the different mattresses that come with a 100-night in-home trial that is shipped right to your front door. After-all, there is nothing wrong in investing in your sleep sanctuary.
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