How to Elevate Your Sleep Experience

How to Elevate Your Sleep Experience

March 09, 2023

Author: Beautyrest Team

If your body is a temple, your bedroom is its sanctuary. It's the singular, defining place that rests your body, recharges your mind, and revitalizes your energy for the coming day. It should be regarded with reverence. From barring bedroom distractions to using the space to create peaceful routines, here are some rules for elevating your bedroom, and your sleep, this Sleep Awareness Week.

Build a Recovery Room

After a long day of living, your body needs time and space to recover. To aid in its wind-down process, transform your bedroom into a recovery room. Sleep for recovery by switching any bright, fluorescent lightbulbs to softer, amber lighting, and light candles for aromatherapy and a calming glow. Next, eliminate technology from your space. Remove televisions and other electronics from your bedroom, and limit your usage of screens at least 90 minutes before bed.

If you rely on your phone as an alarm clock, incorporate an analog clock into your setup. Finally, focus on your bed. The mattress is the heart of your sleep sanctuary, so it's essential to select one that provides the premium support and comfort you need. Dress the mattress in quality, breathable bedding that supports its premium technologies, and top it with a weighted duvet to provide gentle pressure as you sleep. As you transform your bedroom into a calming, relaxing space, your brain will begin to associate your room with sleep, and your body will reap the benefits.

Prioritize Your Rest

The best way to prioritize your rest is to fall asleep"and stay asleep"quickly. To fall asleep quickly and consistently, and avoid sleep debt, enact a consistent sleep schedule. Train your body to fall asleep at the same time each night by:

  • Taking time to wind down - After turning your screens off 90 minutes before bed, begin a hands-on project to separate the day from night. Read a book, piece together a puzzle, or work on a hobby that puts your mind at ease.
  • Practicing skin care - Fall asleep and wake feeling refreshed by applying cleansing, moisturizing products to your face. Use skin care with natural fragrances, like lavender, to soothe your senses to sleep. Then, try a sleep mask to stimulate melatonin production and promote deeper slumber throughout the night.
  • Designating your bedroom for sleep - If you still feel stimulated once your bedtime arrives, spend time in another room until you are drowsy. Once you're ready to fall asleep, return to your bedroom. By returning to your room, your brain will begin to associate your room with sleep, your body will know when it's time for bed, and you can fall asleep quicker with each passing night.

Remain Consistent

When building your sanctuary for better sleep, consistency is key. To create and stay disciplined in daily cycles dedicated to elevating your sleep,

  • Wake up and fall asleep at the same time every day.
  • Eat your meals within the same window, and allow ample time for digestion before bed.
  • Enact your sleep routine at the same time each day so your body can associate those activities with rest.
  • Keep track of which activities make a difference when experimenting with how to get better sleep or how to fall asleep fast.

Once you find practices that work, apply them often. Finally, stay dedicated to the changes that improve your sleep, like eliminating electronics and screen usage before bed. Building a consistent sleep routine begins with you. Once established, you'll feel the difference in your new, elevated sleep experience.

Center Your Sleep with Beautyrest

Restorative sleep is the ultimate luxury, and at Beautyrest, we provide just that. Whether you're selecting a mattress to center your sanctuary, or searching for bedding that softens as you sleep, Beautyrest's premium products promise superior sleep. As you create a soothing environment for sleep and recovery, practice relaxing routines, make consistent efforts, and restore your rest this sleep awareness week.

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