Introducing Our New (and Improved) Beautyrest Black Mattress

Introducing Our New (and Improved) Beautyrest Black Mattress

August 11, 2022

Author: Josie Lindsey

Reimagined with luxury features for a first-class sleep. If you have heard about our 150-year-old mattress company, then the likeliness you have heard about our Black Collection is fairly high. Beautyrest Black was first introduced in 2006 and in its 16 years of being around has become one of our most desired collections. This is precisely why we felt it was time to take "luxury meets innovation" to the next level. The New Beautyrest Black Collection features:

  • A Beauty-ful Design - We looked at the design process the way a fashion designer would look at a new clothing line. We think our in-house design team, led by Lauren Lauricella, did such an amazing job on the all-black aesthetic, geometric accents, and subtle pops of color. So much so, that we almost don't want to see it covered in sheets.
  • Premier Support System - Featuring our new targeted, zoned support system that leverages our patented T3 Pocketed Coil Technology, the Black line absorbs energy that reduces motion transfer for more uninterrupted sleep while also providing support where you need it most. Plus, it has Nano Coils that are designed for individualized back support and confirmability.
  • Cooling & Comfort - Our new plant-based cooling technology* is our most advanced cooling system yet and will help keep you comfortable and cool all through the night. We've also added a new comfort layer that we use in only our higher-end models. This comfort layer is infused with cashmere, alpaca, and silk fibers, allowing more airflow and breathability.
  • Immediate Pressure Relief - We paired Beautyrest premium memory foams to give your hips and shoulders unique support and pressure relief.

It really is as dreamy as it looks... 

For those who want to feel lifted while enjoying excellent pressure relief, comfort, and support.

For those who love to feel embraced with body contouring, as well enjoying excellent pressure relief, comfort, and support.


*Cooling technology is 94% plant based.
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