Beautyrest Presents: Max Richter

Beautyrest Presents: Max Richter's Sleep

March 21, 2018

Author: Beautyrest Team

We teamed up with composer Max Richter to bring his composition, SLEEP, to North America for the very first time. We invited 150 people in Austin, Texas, to experience the power of an incredible evening's rest on their very own Beautyrest mattress to the ambient sounds of Max Richter's original 8-hour concert; because when you get the very best sleep, you can Be More Awake to do things you love during the day.

Following the concert, our friend Lauren Brown of Yoga Wake Up led the audience in a wake-up yoga sequence to prepare everyone to take on the day full speed ahead.

Keep scrolling to see the highlights for yourself.

A Bird's Eye View

Image Credit: / Drew DeGennaro

A bird's eye view of the stage at the Beautyrest x Max Richter Sleep Experience in Austin, Texas.


Concertgoers Sleeping

Image Credit: / Drew DeGennaro

Cozying Up

Image Credit: / Drew DeGennaro

Attendees cozy up before Max Richter hits the stage.


A Musical Moment

Image Credit: / Drew DeGennaro

Another musical moment on stage during the 8-hour performance.


Max Richter Performs

Image Credit: / Drew DeGennaro

The man of the evening, Max Richter, plays SLEEP, for 150 guests live in Austin at world-famous Bass Concert Hall.

Join us in NYC May 4th and May 5th to experience the magic for yourself, or listen along to Max Richter's album on Spotify on your Beautyrest mattress at home.

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