Hot Sleeper? Cooling Sleep Tech for Better Summer Snooze

Hot Sleeper? Cooling Sleep Tech for Better Summer Snooze

January 02, 2022

Author: Lauren Baer

With summer already well underway in some parts of the country, we know that sleepless nights are a common side-effect of the warmer weather. To help alleviate that and keep you well-rested all year round, we've gathered some cooling sleep upgrades that pair perfectly with any of our sleep cool mattresses.
Manta COOL mask

Cooling Sleep Mask

We'll start at the top with the Manta COOL mask. This mask has infinitely adjustable eye pads to fit any face perfectly, and those eye pads? Yes, they are full of cooling beads to take down any puffiness, soothe itchy or sore eyes, and of course, keep you cool as you drift off into dreamland.

The Cold Side of the Pillow

Everybody loves to lay their head down on a cool, fresh pillow. Well, now it can feel like a freshly flipped pillow all night long. Check out the Active Cooling Pillow Pad from MOONA for a sleep tech addition that "leverages body temperature and AI to help you fall asleep faster, get deeper sleep, and wake up energized." Not only will it keep you sleeping cooler, it also has bonus features for the sleep enthusiasts among us:
  • alarm-free wake-up technology
  • sensors to detect sleep environment
  • personalized sleep insights

An Analog Solution

Stepping up from a cold pillow to a cold bed, there are several (hundred) solutions created for keeping your mattress cool. If you're someone who prefers to keep technology out of the bedroom and you're looking for an analog solution, look no further than the Core Mattress Pad. With matching pillowcases that SlumberCloud call "mini spacesuits for your pillows", the Mattress Pad employs "NASA-approved temperature-regulating technology that absorbs heat when you're too hot and releases it back when you're too cold."  
OOLER: Bed Cooling System

Personalized Cooling

On the other end of the spectrum, we have ChiliSleep. They created multiple different solutions for temperature regulation. Their most premium solution, the OOLER: Bed Cooling System offers personalized cooling and heating for either side of the bed"it is even app-controlled, with programmable sleep schedules so that you can get into a pre-cooled bed.  

Weighted and Chilled

Weighted blankets are most commonly not associated with cool sleep. Because of their heft, it's natural to think of cozy warmth. But what if you want to be weighed down without being heated up? Good news: there's no need to sacrifice the soothing comfort of pressure therapy if you're a hot sleeper. There are a few solutions for this (some of which include air cooling like Chilisleep) but we like the simplicity of the BlankQuil Chill Weighted Blanket. It has a machine washable cover, a 60-night trial, and active cooling to help you drift off to sleep. The active cooling works from the moment you get in bed for about 20 minutes and then relies on cutting-edge fabric designed to usher away and disperse body heat throughout the night.  
Couple sitting on a Beautyrest Black mattress.

Built-in Cooling

We would be remiss to mention all of these upgrades without giving a recommendation on the best foundation for building out a cooler sleep setup"the mattress. Temperature regulation is at the forefront of many of our luxurious mattresses, but look out for innovative technologies like our BlackICE 4.0 in our Beautyrest Black mattresses, or InfiniCool Lux in our Beautyrest Harmony Lux editions for an especially cool sleep.
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