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Iconic Innovation: Pocketed Coils

August 09, 2023

Author: Mackenzie Blue

If you’ve ever researched the world of mattresses, you’ve come across the term “individually-wrapped coils” or something similar. It’s a technical term that speaks to the interior of many mattresses on the market—and we invented it. But, what really does it mean? And why has everyone adopted it?

Historically speaking…

The year is 1925, and mattresses are sparsely made. They aren’t built for comfort, support or to accommodate two people. They rely on a system of coils linked together without any padding or material in-between them. That’s where we begin our story—with the problem.

Beautyrest has always been a brand that cared about the best sleep experience, so we jumped at the chance of inventing a new kind of mattress technology that elevated the idea of comfort: the pocketed coil®. This newfound technology took each coil and individually wrapped it in a material designed to compress the motion and offer added support.

Beautyrest launched this innovation and it took the mattress industry by storm. Other companies scrambled to keep up, but as the innovator, we claimed the technology title of pocketed coil, leaving the others to settle with “individually wrapped.”

Our zoning principles

At the heart of this invention is the engineering. Since we’ve launched the pocketed coil, we’ve led the industry in designing it better and better. From the first iteration came T1 coils. Since then, we’ve developed three types of different coil interactions:

  • T1— a single coil, encased in fabric.
  • T2— two coils intertwined and encased in fabric create a more durable compression.
  • T3 (a Beautyrest exclusive)— three coils intertwined together and encased in fabric for additional durability and less bounce.

With these three offerings, we’ve also developed a strategic system of zoning. For example, in our Beautyrest Black® collection, we’ve added a stronger coil gauge in the center of the mattress to support the core weight of the sleepers and keep them aligned throughout the night.

Why compression is our obsession

After the configurations of each coil, we moved onto the outside layer of fabric encasing each coil. The fabric is tight to the coil, creating an initial compression that takes care of that squeaky bounce-back you can get from other innerspring mattresses.

This compression strategy captures the motion of each sleeper to reduce disturbances throughout the night, especially with more than one sleeper. Hence, you’ll always get your beauty sleep, no matter how your partner sleeps.

Let’s get down to the benefits

So, the key takeaways of the pocketed coil are motion control and durability. They form a unique system that contributes to the usability of a mattress: advanced support, premium pressure-relief, and extra comfort.

Next time you’re in the market for a new mattress, remember our key principles of the pocketed coil. It will help to your sleep long-lasting for years to come.

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