Sleep Expert Dr. Rebecca Robbins Visits Serta Simmons Bedding

Sleep Expert Dr. Rebecca Robbins Visits Serta Simmons Bedding

August 09, 2017

Author: Beautyrest Team

Dr. Rebecca Robbins is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the NYU School of Medicine, whose research examines the link between sleep and performance as well as strategies for optimal rest and recovery. This year, she is partnering with the Beautyrest brand to put a renewed focus on sleep performance"noting the importance of how high-quality sleep can give everyone an edge to perform more effectively throughout their day and in their waking life.

The Importance of Sleep

We spend " or should spend " one third of our lives sleeping. That is a tremendous amount of time! The weight of the body on a mattress for that time makes for natural mattress wear and tear, but we take our mattress with us as we move through various life stages " such as starting a family or moving homes. Safe to say, over its useful life, your mattress will go through a lot. It's important to invest in one that will help you improve the quality of your sleep and achieve your ultimate sleep performance.

Although the Beautyrest brand's focus on research and innovation in their mattresses is well known, I was able to witness this first hand during my visit to Beautyrest's headquarters for all things relating to mattress and sleep research, technology and innovation in Atlanta, Georgia.

Touring the Serta Simmons Bedding Sleep Technology And Research Center

Guided by Chris Chunglo, Serta Simmons Bedding Director of New Product Development for over 20 years, we literally pulled back the covers as we explored the showroom and moved behind the scenes into the laboratories where research, testing, and production of Beautyrest mattresses is conducted.

Our tour began in the Beautyrest sleep lab " a room equipped with devices that can track such markers as breath, heart rate, bodily movement and temperature over the course of the night. These technologies are among the most cutting edge in the field to comprehensively assess sleep, the factors that promote restful slumber and those that inhibit sleep. Beautyrest routinely conducts studies, much like we do in the sleep lab, with participants who come to test out a mattress before it is released on the market. The insights from these tests, led by a strong scientific team at Beautyrest, drive the insights that result in new mattress concepts and technologies.
From here we traveled to see how the individually pocketed coils, unique to the Beautyrest brand, are made and packaged. These coils, made from the highest durability steel and triple stranded in the premium Beautyrest Black line, are extremely durable. They are packaged beautifully into individual chambers, then sealed together to provide conforming support that has contributed significantly to the Beautyrest brand's reputation for offering quality products.

We also visited the testing center for the various foam elements that are featured in Beautyrest mattresses. These materials undergo rigorous testing for cooling capabilities and durability. A cool body temperature is critical for sleep. The innovation in foam and cooling technology is remarkable " literally cool to the touch.
The testing area for the finished products was the most striking testament of Beautyrest's commitment to quality. These tests simulated many different scenarios " ranging from a bumpy ride in the delivery truck to the repeated jumping of an over-zealous toddler " in order to ensure that these mattresses will last for many years to come.
I believe fully in the value of research and a focus on innovation. With the tremendous wear and tear that mattresses will go through as a fixture in our households, it's important that they can keep up with the speed of life. Especially because having the best equipment for sleeping can have a direct impact on our waking success. The focus on research and testing at Beautyrest is unparalleled in the industry and results in products that are the ultimate equipment for high-performance sleep " no matter what life throws at you.

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