A Guide to Black Friday Shopping: The Mattress You Need

A Guide to Black Friday Shopping: The Mattress You Need

November 09, 2017

Author: Beautyrest Team

If you want to face each new day renewed, then sleep performance matters. "Rest plays a pivotal role in nearly all areas of our waking lives," says Dr. Rebecca Robbins, author of "Sleep for Success." However, according to statistics from the Q4 2016 Sleep Health Index, just three in 10 Americans always feel well rested after sleeping, and 37 percent say their sleep quality is fair or poor.

Poor sleep can cause mood changes, tiredness, lack of concentration and even physical pain. Part of improving sleep performance is getting a quality mattress, and that's where Beautyrest makes a difference. Beautyrest Black mattresses use innovative technology that makes the other tech on sale this Black Friday look like yesterday's news.

Stay Cool

Temperature plays an important role in sleep performance. If you're comfortably cool, then your brain finds it easier to lower your body temperature and induce sleep.

Plus, if you keep your bedroom from becoming too hot or too cold, then you're less likely to wake during the night. Beautyrest Black mattresses feature Micro Diamond Memory Foam that helps to regulate temperature by incorporating hundreds of Cooling Carats in the foam to conduct heat away from the body. Additionally, SurfaceCool Plus Fiber beneath the mattress surface further dissipates heat for even greater comfort, helping you fall asleep easily.

Comfort Beyond Belief

Your mattress, pillows and sheets all play a part in creating a comfortable environment conducive to slumber. For many people, memory foam mattresses are ideal because they shape and conform to the body, cradling it snuggly to aid relaxation.

Some memory foam may trap heat, but Micro Diamond technology helps you stay cool throughout the night. Furthermore, BlackICE Memory Foam on some models takes temperature control to the next level with a breathable gel technology on the surface that maintains a cool sleep climate. When combined with high-performance fabrics, the result is a luxurious surface that promotes rejuvenating sleep.

The Heart of the Mattress: Pocketed Coil Technology

The heart of a Beautyrest Black mattress is the exclusive Advanced Pocketed Coil Technology. These triple-stranded coils provide greater durability than traditional wrapped coils while delivering pressure relief, back support and motion separation for undisturbed sleep.

Motion separation " or, motion isolation " is particularly important for sleeping partners, as the motions of one person are less likely to impact the sleep performance of someone else sharing the bed. Hybrid mattresses with memory foam and sophisticated coils offer superb motion separation, as the combination of coils and high-density foam helps to reduce the motion transfer, keeping it localized.

Sleep Well, Feel Well

Athletes use technology to enhance their training and maximize their competitive performance; and now technology is at the forefront of improving sleep performance. When you invest in the right equipment to improve the quality of your sleep, you have the potential to improve the quality of other areas of your life. Feeling rested may elevate your concentration and mood, giving you the opportunity to take on the challenges of each new day feeling renewed and refreshed. You don't have to wait until Black Friday to discover the technology of Beautyrest Black.

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