When To Set Your Clocks for Daylight Saving Time (And How To Adjust)

When To Set Your Clocks for Daylight Saving Time (And How To Adjust)

November 03, 2016

Author: Beautyrest Team

It's always great to get that extra hour in the fall! But, a review in the journal Sleep Medicine Reviews by Dr. Yvonne Harrison suggests a one-hour shift in the sleep cycle could affect your sleep for up to a week. On November 6, don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour at 2:00 AM! Plus, take note of these tips via The Better Sleep Council to make it an easy transition.

Keep A Sleep Schedule

Set a bedtime and stick to it! Having a consistent sleep schedule is key, especially on the weekends.

Transform Your Bedroom Into A Sleep Sanctuary

Assess your bedroom and convert it into a sanctuary for sleep. Identify a few ways to improve your space, from decor to the room temperature, and it could have a huge impact on your quality of sleep.

Transition Into The Time Change

If you're not quite sleepy when it's time to go to bed, try making gradual adjustments first. Start fine-tuning your bedtime several days before the time change.

Get The Right Support

Is it time to get a new mattress or pillows? Determine which mattress is the best fit for you by taking our Mattress Selector quiz.

Create A Relaxing Bedtime Routine

It's essential to have some type of relaxing pre-bedtime ritual. Read a book, take a soothing bath or listen to tranquil music to wind down every night.
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